Kingsman Submission

Individual Matthew Vaughn Kingsman
submission page by German actress Jeanne Jaeger

Dear Matthew Vaughn,

there is a German division of Kingsman, am I right? And there is a female agent that hates to be reduced to the fact that Germany has got a Nazi history and no one worships what Gutenberg or Goethe contributed to humankind! Or Merlin had a daughter he didn’t know about because she was born after his not so innocent crazy night with an older woman in his youth. Or for god’s sake let the Germans be the villains, and one of them deserts to help the Kingsman agents to save the world.
All those characters – it is me!

Please watch this self-submission video I created individually for you.


PS: Yes, the third movie is in post prod. How embarrassing to recognise that AFTER having sent a self submission to a great director! What was your most embarrassing moment in your life?

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