A spark of magic

Originally written in German by Jörg Joachim.

Jeanne Jaeger wants to trigger emotions in the audience. Just the same way like herself when she was enjoying numerous movies. “At the right moment, there is the right movie for me.”

“Development is always good!”

“Everybody goes through his or her own personal development in life,” the actress knows. “Nobody is done at the age of 30. Again and again, we face the questions: how do I decide, which way do I go?”

Those situations also arise for Jeanne when she watches a movie. She feels and thinks alongside with the characters. “How would I have solved that situation” she wonders, “can I adapt that to my life?”

“Movies contribute to further development,” she is certain, “I am a different person today than I will be tomorrow when I watch a movie. Today I am a different person than I was ten years ago. I experience the same work differently.” And so Jeanne Jaeger wants to nudge people watching her as an actress as well: “I play my role as I feel it and I am sure that someone will be touched it in the right situation.”

“Side by side without stepping on our feet!”

The moments around the “and … action!” from the director puts her in “inner peace”. She does in her role “what is required” and experiences her deep playing parallel to that until “cut!” is shouted. For Jeanne, after thorough preparation, an automatism kicks in that links her to the character. Nevertheless, she controls herself and the processes: “Me as an actress and me as a figure exist side by side for the moment – without stepping on our feet.”

Finally, the mask helps to get into character. Costume, make-up and whatever else is part of it “do a lot” for her. “What I feel, what I have prepared, intensifies and falls in more easily … This externality is the last piece of the puzzle!”

And then we start. On the spot in front of the camera, Jeanne Jaeger can “drop off” everything that was important in preparation, anything that has been picked up, everything that has been discussed and just acts. The fellow actors are “totally important” to her. For those who did not know her before the shooting, for which she was unable to develop a sense, she catches up very quickly. “I just ask for a hug,” she describes her tactics, “that gives me the feeling for the human being – we exchange our energy.”

She clearly sees what the career as a Hamburg voice talent brings her as an advantage – also in front of the camera: “The professional attitude, the experience, the intense preparation …” Since 2003 she works as a professional voice talent for corporate communication, advertising as well as dubbing and radio plays (including with her own audio book publishing house).

“I am happy about my way, my experiences”

Jeanne’s path to becoming an actress was twisted. Coming from a conservative home, she first learned IT specialist (good for real life anyway), got tought on the way that spectacle is art without income. I isn’t a job for her, but for others. “That’s why I did not consider that since I am anyway a technical, logical person,” the multi-talented sketched the former state of mind and situation, “meanwhile I’m happy about my way, my experiences.”

That she first became a voice talent, Jeanne sees as a kind of middle course. “I found – and still think – Disney’s productions wonderful,” she says. An advantage of the profession behind the microphone is that ” I did not have to show me speaking.” Nor in her radio work. “Up to the presenter, I worked my way up,” says the 1.68m tall woman with the brown-green eyes, “although that, looking back, is the worst possible approach on the way to becoming an actress or voice actor. The accentuation of the words is very different from the preparation of a script. In lyrical texts, there is much more between the lines. They need to be captured much more cautiously, more carefully emphasized and respected so that their sense is conveyed. ”

Although Jeanne now knows how to switch well between the media with her experience, she stopped doing radio work, took acting lessons, and spoke roles in well known German radio plays such as “Die drei ???” and much more. She is quite and deservedly proud to have been able to live well on the job as a voice for years.

“I like life-affirming content.”

From productions which require her skill on the microphone and in front of the camera, she feels increasingly attracted. “How the different members of the crew work together for the same goal,” she is fascinated, “I feel good about that kind of work an I want to participate.” The range of films or series in which Jeanne Jaeger would like to get involved instead of just watching is not infinite, but extensive:

“I like life-affirming content,” she roughly describes diversity at first, “clever comedies, for example.” And further: “Films in the direction of science fiction, such as ‘Star Trek’, for example.” She loves action comic adaptations. To play the superheroine or to embody the evil “that’s a dream. ”

German fairy tale films are also their thing. “The queen, the forest fairy, the witch … It’s about all sorts of problems, about morality and in the end, the good heartwins” the actress shows enthusiastically.

International productions (blockbuster) are “ultra-exciting” for Jeanne. “The UK and US productions dare a lot” she says. So she got an agent in London.

Jeanne doesen’t name actresses or actors of whom she is particularly fond of. “Everyone deserves respect and accomplishes something with playing a character” she praises the collegues. “Everyone has an individual and wonderful way of making their place in the movie – and everyone is a spark of magic.”

Photo: Simone Matalla