Jeanne is trained in film acting, stunt fighting, and voice over. She is professionally experienced since 2003 and worked as a voice talent, and adapted her rich acting experience of that career to film acting in 2018. Jeanne is constantly working on her craft. To improve her skills she took private acting lessons with some of the best acting teachers in Germany. She produced and also played in short films and got cast for commercials.
Her representation is Red Door Vision Agency in London.




See here an accent reel with the following accents:

– American

– British/UK

– German

– Eastern European/Russian

American Accent

Anna is a Starfleet science officer. Accidentally she finds out a life changing secret.

Agent Lil is caught by an enemy. When she finds out that the device that oppresses her special capabilities was removed, she breaks free.

British Accent

Katie is quite active. In every field. So it is clear that sometimes she gets in trouble.

Ellen is that one friend you can be grateful for. She is also the most embarrassing one.


INSTABELLA short-film

10 days of intense work of brilliant people with a vision and the short film INSTABELLA came to life! There is a preview available for those who are interested in watching it. Just drop me an email and I will send you the password.

What is it about?

Sam uses the possibilities of Instagram to propose to his girlfriend Isabella in a very creative way. A romantic journey in the streets of Berlin full of art including a word riddle, and with a statement for tolerance and love.







Ian Taylor
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ian [at]

Red Door Vision Talent Agent
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info (at)


"I enjoyed every project on my path. So many inspiring and professional people that I am grateful for to have worked with! Here are some of them.​"
"The collaboration was very professional. We enjoyed a relaxed and very pleasant working environment right away and were able to work quickly and productively. Jeanne Jaeger's acting skills were adaptive and very professional. She was able to implement directing directives and provided very good material. I can only recommend working with her."


Louise - Technically Human - Shortfilm